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Fifth Angel

In April of 2010, a friend phoned Peter with a quick-turn opportunity. Fifth Angel was booked to headline the Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany. The original singer of the band wasn’t interested in rejoining the band to do the show, and the singer Fifth Angel had hired out of Los Angeles to do the festival, unfortunately, hit some vocal challenges after flying to Seattle in early April to rehearse with the band.


Forced to consider cancelling their appearance, and with a little over two weeks before their flight to Germany, they called Peter to see if he’d be interested and if he could learn all the material that quickly. Having sung the Keep It True Festival before, and with the 2010 crowd nearing 3000 in attendance, Peter took the challenge and started a crash-course with the Fifth Angel set, which he’d never heard.


It was one of Peter’s favorite shows that he’s sung. The fans were great! And his brief time in Germany yielded other amazing experiences, such as his visit to Dachau. 

Then, the band was again asked to headline the festival in 2017, and they again tapped Peter to front the band. Enjoy some of the videos from those tours.