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Symphony North

Symphony North is a band/music project I've had since my senior year in high school. It combines the three great passions of my life: rich, powerful music; storytelling; and Christmas. Most of the albums I write will tell Christmas stories--the poignant kind, in the vein of A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street.

I have concaved a number of Christmas albums. The first of these is The Bell Ringer, which I've just released. In fact, we've staged the show and done some regional touring. We garnered initial representation by WME based on fan response, and are now looking to grow the show and all the related aspects, including a novel, film discussion, and more. 

The music is a mixture of my love of soaring vocals, anthemic orchestrations, powerful rhythms, and groups like Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In fact, the album features several former members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, not to mention current members of the band Dream Theater:

From Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  • Tim Hockenberry (also an America's Got Talent semi-finalist)

  • Michael Lanning

  • Jody Ashworth

  • Valerie Vigoda

From Dream Theater

  • Jordan Rudess (voted by Radar Music Mag as the Greatest Keyboardist of All Time)

  • James Labrie

Part of what makes us so distinctive is my lifetime of storytelling, which I use to build the shows from top to bottom.

Lots more about Symphony North over on it's page, so if you're interested, please visit:



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