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Heir Apparent

In the fall of 2006, Peter was asked to front a band doing a reunion tour throughout Europe. Heir Apparent had released an extremely successful album 20 years prior, which had received the highest rating ever (a record which still holds) by Germany's Rock Hard magazine—49/50 by it's several editors.

Part of the tour was headlining the Keep It True festival in Germany, as well as playing some dates in Greece. The Heir Apparent catalog is an athletic one to sing, and Peter had a great time doing the tour. Here are some videos of both some tune-up shows they played, as well as video from the tour itself.

Despite winning critical praise for his performance on the tour, Peter is clearly not a metal head. But he does like some of these songs, and he’s said often that it was a thrill to play to large crowds who knew every word he was going to sing—as they'd been followers of the band for two decades.