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Not a comprehensive list, but a few anyway.


“Trial of Intentions is a grand novel, with strong world-building and a sweeping cast of distinctive characters. I can’t wait to see where Orullian takes us next!” --Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times Bestseller of Wheel of Time (final volumes with Robert Jordan), and The Stormlight Archive series

“Trial of Intentions is a story of music and magic, of daring and sacrifice, in an intricate and believable world, where characters face difficult and heartbreaking choices. Orullian is doing things I haven’t seen in other books, including an original system of magic. This tale will resonate with readers long after the cover is closed.” --Robin Hobb, New York Times Bestselling author of Assassin's Apprentice and the Farseer Trilogy

“Peter Orullian is a master of dark chocolate fantasy; bitter, harsh and sweet at once. Trail of Intentions grabs us firmly by the breastplate and challenges us to face a world of moral contradictions, stunning characters and harsh choices. An unflinching fantasy.” --Tracy Hickman, New York Times Bestselling author of multiple Dragonlance books

“Peter Orullian’s Trial of Intentions is a book enormous in scope and in intricacy, with a welter of political, cultural, and magical intrigues, behind which lies the role of song in preserving a myriad of cultures, all of which disagree with each other to some extent, even as it becomes apparent to the reader that, without some degree of cooperation, all will suffer, if not perish. A challenging story about challenged cultures, and one well-told.” --L.E. Modesitt Jr., bestselling writer of the Recluse Series

“Fans of George R.R. Martin or Robert Jordan will love Orullian’s intricate yet nonetheless immersive story.” --Booklist 

“Orullian has found an untapped reservoir of talent in TRIAL OF INTENTIONS. Where THE UNREMEMBERED shines, TRIAL OF INTENTIONS transcends. Where THE UNREMEMBERED lagged or suffered, TRIAL OF INTENTIONS has displayed deftness that is far beyond its status as the second book in a series. Orullian is not just an author, but an artist. One of the rare writers, like Hemingway, Steinbeck, Lewis, and others, whose use of words, imagery, and literary techniques lifts him above his compatriots and peers into a category inhabited by the truly great.” --Elitist Book Reviews

“This is one of the most wonderful, beautiful, yet emotionally brutal fantasy books I’ve read in a long time. It is, in my eyes, pretty bloody gorgeous on multiple levels . . . I loved it, I think any anybody that loves to explore the nitty gritty workings within a fantasy world will love it and anybody looking for the fantasy genre to be flipped on it’s back karate style will love it.” --Book Frivolity

“This was a great read, keeping in line with the epicness of the genre, and the complications expected from realistic characters. This series grows more in depth in each book . . . Orullian’s world is absorbing and I can’t wait to return to it again.” --Dragon Mount

“This is an immediately engaging series with interesting characters and story. There’s great detail in this world, which comes with unique rules of magic and science, and the characters are well developed . . . This book would appeal to fans of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien and Patrick Rothfuss. --Deseret News



"Orullian's debut promises a series of epic proportions set in a world undergoing a cultural revolution that could prove its undoing. Engaging characters and powerful story telling in the tradition of Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, and Dennis L. McKiernan make this a top-notch fantasy by a new author to watch."  —Library Journal, starred review

"A fresh, exciting epic fantasy debut, the first in the Vault of Heaven six-book series set on a fascinating world where evil creatures long kept at bay have suddenly begun to wreak havoc; a young man must contend with the godling that commands the monsters.” ―Publishers Weekly

"A fine debut!" --Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times Bestseller of Wheel of Time (final volumes with Robert Jordan), and The Stormlight Archive series

"A vast canvas filled with thought-provoking ideas on the questions of good and evil that engage us all." –Anne Perry, New York Times Bestselling author of the Thomas Pitt and William Monk series

"A sprawling, complex tale of magic and destiny that won't disappoint its readers. This auspicious beginning for author Peter Orullian will have you looking forward to more." –Terry Brooks, New York Times Bestselling author of the Shannara series

"An ambitious story in the mold of Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. Peter Orullian is a name to watch in the field of epic fantasy." –Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times Bestselling author of the Dune series

"This is one huge, powerful, compelling, hard-hitting story. A major fantasy adventure." 
–Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling author of the Xanth series

"The Unremembered is great fantasy. It grips you and shows you true friendship, strange places, and heroes growing to confront world-shaking evil. Magnificent! I want more!" –Ed Greenwood, New York Times Bestselling author the Unforgotten Realms series

“The riveting and captivating story of The Unremembered takes readers on a journey that will become part of their souls. But they should hold on to their seats for a ride featuring thrills, fear and exhilaration.” ―Deseret News

“Intricately crafted with its own distinct melody, The Unremembered is a groundbreaking work of epic fantasy.” –

“Sometimes you just need a big, fat fantasy, and Peter Orullian’s remastered edition of The Unremembered delivers everything you’re looking for: a fascinating world, tense action, charismatic characters, and a magic system the like of which you’ve never imagined.”—Aidan Moher, A Dribble of Ink, Hugo Award Winner

“The Unremembered captures the unique essence and mystery of music, and weaves it into every line of a compelling and exciting world, while telling a character-driven story that resonates through the ages … a work of art on par with the masters of the genre, Jordan, Rothfuss, Tolkien, and more.” –, nominated for 2013 & 2014 Hugo Award for best review site

“Engaging characters, complex magic, and expertly written—a whole new kind of epic fantasy!” –



“The Sound of Broken Absolutes is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read . . . stunningly gorgeous, painfully intimate, and magnificently epic. This is a story of war, music, loss, and restoration, and it will touch the hearts of its readers.”   --The Ranting Dragon

“The Sound of Broken Absolutes offers a theme of rebuilding our broken selves. It resonates perfectly. Orullian pours love and dread into his rich novella about art, loss and reconstruction. His tale disturbs and ultimately uplifts with the authenticity only possible from a writer who looked life’s hardship in the eye and shook its bony hand.”



"If you only read one new book this holiday season, this is the one to pick." --The Tampa Tribune

“Rarely has [the Christmas story] been done as well as in Orullian’s beautifully written anthology . . . Here we are asked to conjecture how ordinary people might have responded to Yeshua’s birth—and by extension, how we would respond.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Orullian creatively and imaginatively paints fictional portraits of various Bethlehem citizens to create a larger of Bethlehem and the power of love.” — CRA Marketplace

“An enchanting retelling of the Christmas story from the perspective of various people who visited the babe in the manger.” — The Seattle Post Intelligencer

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