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Note: This is the Limited Edition. I found a copy or two from my personal library. These are for hardcore Dream Theater collectors. If you primarily just want the story, pick up the $20 Trade Paperback. But if you want a very rare DT artifact--there were only a few hundred printed--again, I have a spare copy or two.


The Limited Edition is unique in several ways, including five full-color illustrations depciting events in the story, leather binding, color maps on endboards, and being extremely rare (again, just a few hundred of these were ever printed).


And I'm happy to sign it, if you'd like.


The Astonishing, the novel, builds on the story rendered in The Astonishing, the ground-breaking concept album by the kings of progressive metal, Dream Theater. The novel adds new plot lines and intrigue, additional characters and motivations, as well as explanations and ideas not explored on the album. ​It also has several exclusives, as noted below.

Writer of The Astonishing, the novel, Peter Orullian spent many long sessions in person and by phone with guitarist, song-writer, and producer of The Astonishing, John Petrucci. Through those conversations he gathered a depth of understanding into Petrucci's story and vision. Orullian then began to ideate on ways to extrapolate the core story, build in rationale for key pieces of the world, and introduce story elements to further expand and deepen the story that has become the novel.

About the Book


In a not so distant future, our world has returned to the ugliness of feudalism. Only this time, those in power control the servant class with the very thing that once inspired men to rise up and take back their lives—music. But it is not the music of old. That music is forgotten. No, this new music is engineered entirely by machines. This music suppresses that part of humanity which might be inspired. This music suppresses hope.

But what is old will be made new again.

In the village of Ravenskill lives a young man, Gabriel, who comes with a gift of power. A gift of music. As a human expression.

Gabriel’s brother, Arhys, leads a rebel militia that is trying to liberate the people. And he believes Gabriel’s gift is the key; a key he hopes will help him keep a promise he made his wife on her deathbed.

But the emperor and his son have different plans--to maintain control. Those plans may find an unlikely challenger in their own family. And the resulting conflict may yield lasting consequences. For them all.

With music as a moving force, the choices each player must make will bring them to a shared moment of pain. And perhaps redemption. 




  • Full-length novel of The Astonishing, adding new plot lines and intrigue, additional characters and motivations, answers to fan questions, as well as explanations and ideas not explored on the album
  • In-depth Introduction by John Petrucci, going deep on why he wrote The Astonishing, what it means to him, etc.
  • Definitive interviews of each member of Dream Theater, covering their experience in the genesis of the album, in performing it, what it means to them, as well as their own music history, interests, and part in the band
  • Foreword by David Campbell (Astonishing orchestrations)
  • Afterword by Richie Cannata (Original Billy Joel Band)
  • Never-before seen hand written notes, early art renderings, photographs, etc. chronicling the development of The Astonishing, with a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came to fruition
  • An original story by John Petrucci & Peter Orullian, set in the universe of The Astonishing
  • Original cover art on full-color dust jacket
  • Original full-color interior art depicting key scenes in the story, including some scenes not represented in the album
  • Map of the world of The Astonishing
  • Full lyrics
  • Song-by-song breakdown by John Petrucci
  • Final synopsis as written by John Petrucci
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Smyth sewn for durability
  • Foil stamping on the front boards and spine
  • Bound in leather

The Astonishing - Limited Edition

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