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The Sound of Broken Absolutes, trade paperback, signed. (Inscriptions available upon request.)


Author: Peter Orullian

Page Count: 174

Publication Date: 5/16/2015

ISBN: 9780971290938


The Sound of Broken Absolutes is a novella originally written for the Unfettered anthology published by Grim Oak press. It's publisher, Shawn Speakman, is a good friend of Peter's. And when Shawn was diagnosed with cancer—for the second time in his life—he decided to publish an anthology to pay his medical debt, asking his friends to contribute stories to the cause.

Orullian's story sits alongside genre giants like Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence, and more. And it is consistently seen as one of the best stories in the anthology. So much so, that Shawn suggested Peter have it published separately, as a stand-alone. So, here it is. Don't miss the chance to read this beautiful and heart-wrenching tale. 

This is the first place Orullian really goes in-depth with his music magic system, which has been called out by Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb, and others as unique and interesting and awesome.

About the book

Two men. One old. One young. Both possess a gift. A gift of music with the power to change things. Even destroy. The younger is called back to his homeland. To war. The other embarks on an inward journey into his past, as he sets to repair a broken viola. An instrument with meaning to him. A resonant kind. The music each man will make will have an absolute quality. And it will change them both.


"The Sound of Broken Absolutes offers a theme of rebuilding our broken selves. It resonates perfectly. Orullian pours love and dread into his rich novella about art, loss, and reconstruction. His tale disturbs and ultimately uplifts with the authenticity only possible from a writer who looked life's hadrship in the eye and shook its bony hand." —Paste Magazine

The Sound of Broken Absolutes - Trade Paperback, Signed

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