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The Vault of Heaven Story Volume One - trade paperback, signed. (Inscriptions upon request.)


Author: Peter Orullian
Page Count: 233
Publication Date: 2/3/2015
ISBN: 9780971290914


Sometimes there's just not enough room in a novel for all the stories. The Vault of Heaven, Story Volume One, provides a deeper look at the lives of some of the characters from Orullian's award-nominated epic fantasy series. Some of these tales relate important historical events. Some provide poignant back-story. Others are sheer fun! If you've read the novels The Unremembered and Trial of Intentions, you'll find hidden gems here. If you haven't, you'll be ready to do so, and have those wonderful "a-ha" moments when you come up references in the novels to these stories, all of which also stand on their own.

About the book:
A mother considers the unthinkable to stop a war. A husband may lose everything to watch over a world. A scrivener learns the terrible risk in the words she's translating. A group of friends realize the power of may sacrificing as one. These and more are the stories collected in this volume. Stories of people. Stories of war and sacrifice and friendship. They help weave the rich fabric of Orullian's epic fantasy series, The Vault of Heaven, deepening the resonance of the world he's created.

The Vault of Heaven Story Volume One - Trade Paperback, Signed

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