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The Vault of Heaven is set in the vast world of Aeshau Vaal. The Unremembered takes place in but a portion of the first map below, which is itself only the eastlands of Aeshau Vaal.


I actually commissioned the maps below. Tor liked them so well that they¹re using them in the books. Though, I believe, they will be black and white in the books, which look good, but I like the color versions better. 

Trial of Intentions moves some of the action into the second map below, which is The Bourne. Like most fantasy authors, I loves me a good map!

With luck, the next map will be of the lands to the far west. Though, the action of book three thus far is still primarily taking place in the two maps below. 

The final maps have more writings on them. Not many, but a few. 

Aeshau Vaal Map.JPG
Map 2.PNG
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